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Call WS Plumbing Now! – This could indicate an underground water leak or running tap, cistern or shower wasting water at your property – our leak detection and plumbing team will survey your home and grounds for water leaks and also inspect your plumbing fixtures and fittings for performance.

This could be a simple plunge of the toilet by our drain plumber or the main sewer drain may be blocked. All our vehicles have the latest drain cleaning equipment – jet blasters and electric eel machines to clear your drain fast and efficiently. If we cannot clear it manually we can utilise our drain jet machine and in most cases get the sewer line clear – however there are certain times when the blockage is so severe that the only option is to excavate and replace the pipe. We can confirm this by the use of our drain camera. Our plumbers have a great deal of experience in this type of work and we even have our own excavator on hand to easily dig out your old drains.

We can have a technician out to you within the hour whether you have electric hot water, heat pump hot water, solar hot water or gas hot water we will identify the problem and get your hot water back on. There is a good chance that your solar or electric hot water unit needs a service or the tempering valve may be broken.

Absolutely! Once we have the household plumbing drawings, we can design the new extension to comply with current building codes and provide you with certification once the job has been completed.

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